Individual Therapy

Many of the issues my clients are struggling with can be addressed through understanding the root cause and processing any blocks in the way of a healthy mind. I am able to help my clients zero in on the causes of their distress and find relief from symptoms. I draw from several techniques to address issues in a few sessions that may take months in traditional therapy. My expertise in the treatment of anxiety and depression provide clients with the tools they need to live a more balanced life.

I have over 10 years of experience treating anxiety disorders. My techniques can help people to eliminate daily anxiety, social anxiety, trouble sleeping, fear of flying or other phobias. Additionally, I provide skilled trauma treatment to aid anyone suffering from PTSD.


Additionally, I see clients who are not in acute distress, but are not feeling the level of satisfaction they would like in their lives.  These clients might be exploring their career options, attempting to increase relationship satisfaction or defining more purpose in their life.   I help clients to identify what is important to them and clear out blocks so they may live their most satisfying life. 


Brainspotting is a powerful technique that helps clients who are experiencing anxiety, phobias, past trauma, performance issues at work or a general sense of feeling stuck in one area of life.  Brainspotting sessions can be used on their own or in conjunction with individual sessions. 

Brainspotting uses aspects of EMDR by zoning in on eye positions that correspond with a client’s distress. One brainspotting session can allow a client to process issues that may have taken them months or years to access using traditional talk therapy.  In Brainspotting therapy, the client does not need to talk they can simply sit back and allow their own natural brain processing to do the work.  This can be a very helpful technique for those who feel stuck in traditional talk therapy and are looking for a new way to feel better.  

Skype Therapy

Skype sessions are available when clients are unable to meet in office.